Gifts and Bequests

Collection Plates Meet the Digital Age of Intentional Spontaneity
by David Scruggs

I started attending All Saints’ a little over a year ago.  After a couple of Sundays, I decided to begin attending regularly.  Until then, it was a fairly casual affair for me when the offering plate passed by.  I’m sure I put something in the plate because I’m blessed to be able to give and because I know that there are costs of discipleship – not the least of which is the electric bill.  When I realized that the occasional Sunday visit was becoming a more meaningful part of my week, I paid a little more attention when the plate was passed.  One thing I noticed was that it wasn’t very full.  I became intentional about writing a check before I left for church.

I have joined the church now.  I made a pledge this year.  I was asked to serve on the vestry and to give some thought to our stewardship program.  Here is what I learned.  The mechanics of giving to support the church have changed with the advent of electronic payments, ATMs and the like.

In one sense, the plate that gets passed is not as empty as it looks. A large percentage of our pledging members make their contributions automatically from their bank accounts. It’s no less a gift of love. It’s just a little less visible. I still write a check, but I’ll probably make the switch later this year.

In another sense, the plate that gets passed is not as full as it used to be, and it has affected our ability to meet our budget. Many of us who have not made a pledge but would like to make a contribution on Sunday morning find that we do not carry our checkbooks or cash like we used to. Many of us who regularly fulfill our pledges but want to give a little extra on Sunday morning are in the same boat.It’s a paradox, but nowadays it seems we have to be intentional if we want to give spontaneously.

If you are joining us today for the first time, if All Saints’ is beginning to feel like home, or if you are a long-time member with an extra gift to share, I invite you to consider making a Sunday morning gift to support the ministry of All Saints’.  Be intentional and share the love. 

Contact the rector, the Rev. Tanya Wallace, if you would like to discuss giving or make arrangements for your bequest.