Pastoral care is provided to parishioners and shut-ins by the Rector and various members of the parish. Some parishioners take time to visit shut-ins and drive them to church and appointments. There is a monthly service held at Loomis Village for its residents. Parish groups provide pastoral care for one another when a member is sick or needs meals or rides. Home cooked meals are lovingly prepared and available to be delivered to anyone known to be in need.

To request prayer for yourself or another, email the parish office

We pray for Jean (friend of Emily Young) who is being treated for acute leukemia; Geraldine Plehn; Sarah Xefos (friend of Laurie Beauchemin) who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer; Rosemary (aunt of Laura Williams) as she recovers from a car accident; Paul Lopes (friend of Bob Ziomek) who is in a coma; Doris Porcella’s recovery from a hospital stay; Kristen Snell (friend of the Lattanzis) who was diagnosed with breast cancer; Gillian and Michael Richter (daughter and son-in-law of Jock and Laurie Conly) who are serving in the Peace Corps in Albania; Sarah Frazier who works in Durban, South Africa; Josh (Leslie Dougherty's niece's husband) who is dealing with lung cancer; Sandi Brown (aunt of Rev. Tanya) who is suffering from multiple myeloma; Brian (friend of Bob Ziomek) who continues to deal with a rare form of cancer.