The Labyrinth

A labyrinth is simply a place to walk and pray. There is nothing mystical about it. It gives you the freedom to walk around while focusing your mind on God – and not worry about getting lost.

A labyrinth contains a single walking path to the center and then back out again. It has many turns but, unlike mazes, does not have dead ends. Labyrinths come in a variety of forms: you may walk through them inside on a canvas mat or outside on grass, tile, or a stone-laid path. There are also finger labyrinths and even an online labyrinth. Labyrinths have a long history, both inside and outside the church, and can be found all around the world.

In Christian usage, the purpose of the labyrinth is personal and spiritual transformation. One way to pray a labyrinth is to worship and praise God as you walk to the center, then intercede for people and concerns as you walk back to the outside. Another is to walk to the center with a focus on letting go of stress, and then to walk back with a focus on taking on what God intends for us.

All Saints' Church is blessed with a beautiful canvas labyrinth which we use from time to time for special events and spiritual workshops; we also have a trained labyrinth facilitator who can guide newcomers in their labyrinth walks. We invite you to walk the labyrinth and pray with us.