We believe in a generous God who gives us time, abilities, and material resources, and who calls us to share these—by addressing the needs of the poor, advocating for a just society, proclaiming the Good News, promoting peace, and wisely using the resources of God’s creation. Equally important, we believe that God calls us to share these gifts by supporting the mission and ministry of All Saints financially. We are called to give to God from what has been given to us, to support this community of faith and the wider community. Our pledge is an equally important element in our membership in this community that we call family, All Saints, our spiritual home. 

Each year our community offers our pledges at the altar on All Saints' Sunday, the first Sunday in November. In addition, we welcome pledges from newcomers and members at any time of the year. A pledge is both a faith practice and a planning tool, for individuals and for the community.

To give electronically, please click HERE. 

Contact the rector or the treasurer if you would like more information or a pledge card.